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Lock it up with AmmoLock™! Keep your handgun locked-up in order to keep children out of harms way.

From 1999 - 2000, in the United States, 648 children (0-10 yrs old) died as a result of a firearm.* In 2005, 3,612 deaths occurred between the ages of 5-19 as a result of firearms. Firearms were the mechanism of injury in approximately 84 percent of homicides and 46 percent of suicides among children and adolescents aged 5-19 years.** Don't mourn your child's death. Lock up your handguns or ammunition keeping your children out of harms way. Perhaps you could save a child you know by helping a neighbor lock up their handguns.

What is a child's life worth: $50, $150, $2,000, $100,000? Fact is, a child's life is priceless. No amount can bring a child you love back from a deadly gun accident. Lock up your handgun and bullets to ensure your child lives a long and vibrant life. When they are older, if you have guns, teach them about firearm safety and responsible use.

AmmoLock™ Boxes work well for many uses such as securing and storing, prescriptions, documentation, I.D., wallets, tools or other valuables. AmmoLock™ boxes have been used in boats, airplanes, off-road vehicles, RV's and ATV's.

AmmoLock™ Boxes make an extremely durable box for Preparedness or Survival Kits because they are sealed, made out of metal, and lockable. Use them as a basic Disaster Emergency Supplies Kit storing non-perishable food, Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio, Flashlight and extra batteries, Knife, First Aid Kit, Whistle to signal for help, Dust mask to help filter contaminated air, Moist towelettes, Garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation, Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities, Manual can opener for food, Local maps, Cell phone with chargers, Fire starter, etc....

If you are around water, you'll like lockable water proof storage. You can place them just about anywhere in or on your vehicle; under your hood, inside the cab, on bumpers and boat hulls. Great for keeping wallets and other valuables dry and secure while off-roading and boating.

Works well for portable tool boxes, water proof first aide kits, or simply locking items that you don't want to disappear at work or home. Children love the boxes to keep siblings from taking their toys and other kid stuff.

AmmoLock™ Features include:

– Genuine waterproof US Military box*
– Master brand brass padlock and real die quality steel keys
– Stacks flat and square with other military boxes
– Security spin (unbreakable and can't be bent or twisted off)
– Waterproof mount maintains integrity of the waterproof box
– Air tight seal
– AmmoLock™locking device made from grade 5 billet steel
– Zinc plated for corrosion and rust resistance
– 1/4" core drilled for larger padlock shank and precision keys

You can purchase the AmmoLock™ device, padlock and keys to convert your own US ammo boxes or you can purchase the entire AmmoLock™ system preinstalled on one of our boxes.

*All boxes are US Military boxes. AmmoLock™ boxes are in good condition, though used by our troops and may contain various blemishes, colors or varying lid designs.

See the AmmoLock Store for more details!

The only Ammo Can Lock with a Guarantee! If you break our AmmoLock locking device, send the broken one back. We will replace it for free–for a lifetime. Isn't that what a guarantee should be?

For a recent review on one of our 50 Cal boxes, look here: Concealthis.com

Meets Canadian Firearm Regulations for storing ammunition or securing a restricted handgun!

Patent Pending

AmmoLock’s device allows you to
lock up just about any US military
ammo box making items that fit
inside secure.

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Did you know that from 1999 - 2000,
in the United States, 648
children (0-10 years old) died
as a result of a firearm?*

Department of Health & Human
Services: CDC*

CDC, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control,
Office of Statistics and Programming**